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8 Ways to help you Look Younger

8 Ways to Help You Look Younger

 Do you want to look younger?

Come on, who doesn't!

Fortunately, you can finally turn this dream into reality- yes, really! Because we've compiled the eight ways to help you look younger.

#1 Invest In Skincare

No matter what skin tone you have, a radiant, firm, well hydrated, and well taking care of skin will take years off your age.  It’s important to us, ladies, to develop a great daily skincare routine, keep your skin well hydrated, and incorporate result driven anti-aging skincare products to help with fine lines, blotchiness and dullness.  And don’t forget to wear sunscreen of minimum SPF15 to prevent the UV damages to your skin.  Having radiant skin makes you look younger, more refreshed, and of course, beautiful, so it’s definitely worth investing your time and money.

#2 Use Lighter Lipstick Shades

Did you know that your lipstick shade can have an “Age Reverse” effect on your appearance?

Yes, something as simple as changing the color of your lipstick can make you look younger!

You might love dark, bold lip shades but maybe consider toning it down a bit as you age. You see, your lips become thinner and somewhat darker as you age.  Darker shades also tend to emphasize fine lines and other imperfections, which is why you should steer clear of them.  Thus switching to lighter colors like nudes, corals, and light pinks will give your lips a more youthful appearance instantly.

#3 Use the Right Foundation

Not having the right foundation or having too much of it can often make your face cakey, orange, or worse, look older. But this shouldn’t really be a problem if you select the proper foundation. Just like skincare products, you need to keep skin type in mind when opting for a foundation. Moreover, as your skin matures, you will likely experience a few changes skin-wise, which will ultimately warrant using a different foundation. Thus, don't just stick to your favorite foundation- your skin needs might change, and so should your foundation. By choosing the right foundation, you’ll look a lot sprightlier.  And less is more!

#4 Eat Right

Diet is a significant factor when it comes to anti-aging. Maintaining the proper diet and lifestyle can do wonders for your body. Hence, by eating right, you’ll look and feel fresh.  Adding daily supplement of multi-vitamins and anti-oxidant foods like blueberries, nuts, spinach, avocado, dark chocolate, and green tea will help with overall healthier life. Also, remember that water is your best friend, so stay hydrated at all times. Therefore, by making healthier food choices, you will be able to look beautiful on the inside and the outside.

#5 Exercise/Yoga

Maintaining a healthy body weight prevents many diseases, and thus, it's no surprise that exercise can help you feel better and look younger. Yoga and exercise keep you active and physically fit. Also, facial exercises can help with your skincare routine because they can tighten your skin and prevent fat accumulation in certain areas like the chin. For best anti-aging results, we recommend high-intensity interval and endurance training. But of course, you should start small and work your way up from there. Just remember to stay consistent.

#6 Smile More

They say a smile can take years off your life, and it's true because a smile helps you feel good on the inside. People who smile more often are usually perceived to look younger and more beautiful. And sure, smiling can cause wrinkles or fine lines, but you should be good so long as you keep up the facial exercises. So, don’t forget to smile more often.

#7 Long and Full Lashes

Lashes are a big part of external beauty. And though they don’t grey with age, they do become a lot sparser. Eyelashes are hair, and as you age, the hair growth tends to slow down a bit, resulting in thinner and shorter hair than before. Longer, fuller eyelashes give your eyes a bigger, brighter look, but age can often take that away from you.  False lashes and extension are to cover up temporarily. Thus, your best bet is to invest in a quality eyelash serum so that you can have perfect lashes even when in your 70s.

#8 Thick and Strong Eyebrows

We definitely saved the best for last.  Do you know a pair of fuller and thicker brows will make you look younger instantly?   Yes!  Strong brows give a vibrant appearance, nice frame to your face, and make your eyes stand out.  So be careful not to overpluck, keep them nice and full.   However, like eyelashes, not everyone is blessed with naturally thick eyebrows. Even so, brows might thin out, become patchy, or tailless as we age.   While drawing brows is very common makeup routine for women, but once makeup is gone, so are your brows.  We find that eyebrow growth serum can help in growing fuller and bolder eyebrows that stay even when the makeup is gone.

The Bottom line

The secret's out, and it's all yours to claim- anti-aging is very much achievable in the 21st century. Although you can’t control certain aspects of aging, you can still look and feel younger with the right makeup, the perfect skincare routine, healthy lifestyle and diet. and of course, youthful lashes and eyebrows.