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Perks of Growing Your Own Eyelashes

Perks for Growing Your Lashes

There’s nothing quite as charming as having a lovely, thick, long set of eyelashes. It can absolutely change your entire look!  Mascara helps, but it only goes so far. This is especially true for those who were born with thin and short lashes.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with it.  Still, most women love dark, long, thick eyelashes which make them feel confident, feminine and special.


Instant Remedies

The most common ways are to wear Eyelash Extensions or False Lashes.   

They make you look beautiful, glamorous, and sexy instantly.  Some falsies can look very natural and have people to mistaken that you’re born with fabulous lashes.  Huge confidence booster.  Or if you like varieties or even adventurous, there are many styles, length and even colors to choose from.  So you don’t have to stuck with one style.  Sounds amazing, isn’t it?!  

However, as fun, and exciting as they sound, there are some drawbacks to be considered.

With Eyelash Extensions, it is not a do-it-yourself procedure.  You must set aside time from your schedule to have professionals to do it for you.  The initial cost and on-going maintenance are expensive.  When it adds up, it’s very costly.  They last about 2 weeks and during that time, you have to be extra gentle with them to avoid messing them up.  Often time,  when the extension lashes come off, they pull some of the real lashes off, too.  Over time,  that causes damage to your own lashes.  Therefore, it’s not recommended for non-stop, prolonged period of use.

What about False Lashes then?  They are the do-it-yourself, easy and fun option.  Unfortunately, for some people who have adverse effect to the adhesive that’s used to hold the lashes in place, this is not an option at all.  One of the other problems that comes with wearing false lashes is the fact that sometimes that adhesive just doesn’t work.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than being out somewhere and having the extension lashes come loose! Even worse, having one of them come off completely! Talk about having an abrupt end to your date.  And don’t even think about wearing them to the beach!  Submerging false lashes in water is simply asking for trouble.  Your activities are limited. 


So What Other Option for Long, Thick Lashes…..

For a long time, if you wanted thicker lashes then you had to go and get false ones put on. But times have changed, and we’ve finally developed a better alternative to adhesive lashes.

That’s where a growth serum comes in. The name itself might seem a little futuristic but it’s something that’s happening in the present. Growing your own lashes is much cheaper than lash extension and it looks much more natural than the fake ones.

Power of Growing Your Own Lashes

The idea is that eyelash growth serums don’t just give you some temporary lash power. They help make your lashes grow longer, stronger, and healthier.  The result is a set of amazing lashes of your own.  So, you don’t have to deal with adhesives at all, hence, no risk of being allergic to the glue used to hold lashes in place, and you never have to worry your lashes falling off at an inconvenient moment.  That security is going to be a huge confidence boost!  You’ll be able to look beautiful while still staying completely stress free!

Lash Growth Serum is super simple to use, and it can be easily incorporate in your daily routine.   If you really love lash extension or false lashes, it is absolutely a great idea to use lash growth serum to nourish your lashes, so they are stronger and healthier.  

Well, with all the benefits of using lash growth serum, however, result doesn’t come overnight.  It does require commitment.  How soon results will start showing may vary from one another.  Normally maximum result can be achieved in 3-4 months of continuous use.  And of course, results may vary individually.  Patient is the virtue, and it definitely is more of a permanent and overall low maintenance, and sustainable option for great lashes comparing to the falsies.