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About us

At LashyBabe, we are obsessed about Maxing Out the True Potential of your natural beauty features.  Let face it, looking great simply make us happier and feel more confident.  And we turn our obsession into passion and mission by creating the powerful serums that transform your lashes and brows to longer, fuller and bolder.  You can’t wait to show them off and be so proud that they are your own.

It’s Universal

Beautiful eyes are symbol of beauty.  Long lashes and thick brows are there to show off your eyes, make you feel more attractive and hence show off your confidence.  If you are spending too much valuable morning time trying to darken them, thicken them and curl them, or too much money getting the lash extension every 2-3 weeks.  You got your back!  It’s a joyful journey to see our customers getting excited about their beautiful lashes. Mission accomplished!