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Eyebrow Growth Serum


LashyBabe Brow Growth Serum is the perfect solution to treat sparse and overplucked brows.  Highly Effective formula infused with proven ingredients to help brows grow stronger and bolder. 

- Promote growth for fuller, thicker looking brows

- Fortifies follicles for healthier brows

- Recover from Overplucking

- Clinically Proven Result

- Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Oil Free

- 3ml for 3 months supply

      Our Premium Growth Serums go through rigorous testing and use the blend of best quality ingredients to optimize the results of lashes and brows growth.

      Vitamins– keep lashes strong and healthy

      Biotin & Keratin –help promote healthy lash growth.

      Hyaluronic Acid - penetrates deep to prevent breakage, conditions and hydrates dry, brittle, or damaged lashes.

      Amino Acids – stimulate circulation and promote long lash growth

      Peptides – quickly repair lash follicles, reduce lash falling

      Plants Extract – optimize lash follicle structure and strengthen lashes

        Growth Guarantee

        Simply apply our serum every night.   You’ll start seeing result in as soon as 4 weeks
        with FULL Benefit in 3 months. 

        Because we are so confident in our serum, we offer a Growth Guarantee.

        If you have used our serum continuously for 90 days and haven’t achieve any result,
        we’ll refund your Money Back.

        Eyebrow Growth Serum


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 167 reviews
        Isabella K

        Great product, my eyebrows look better now


        Its hard to belive how incredible this serum is! I used it on my eye brows. IT WORKS. The results are very noticeable.My brows were beginning to slow down and I also had a space of no hair on one brow and it didn't hurt to give these a try. After a week I noticed the hairs that were there were getting thicker and longer. Then after 2 weeks the space began to fill! I'm happy with the product and definitely will buy more.

        A. Johnson

        My eyebrows were virtually gone. I never had thick eyebrows to begin with. I was skeptical about whether this product would even work. This product is simple to use and its working for me so far.My eyebrows are thicker and I look human again. I can see the difference in photos before and after. Im surprised and pleased with the results. Pricey, but worth it. I would recommend trying it.

        Vanessa Olive

        I had thinning sparse shortened brows. This product keeps the hairs on my brows and allows them to grow and fill in. The hairs actually get so long I have to trim them back a bit. I love this product and would recommend it. Real game changer for me.

        Elizabeth Brates