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Lash & Brow Perfect Duo


The Perfect Pair to make sure your eyes pop!  Combining advanced technology, unique & proven formulas, LashyBabe Eyelash and Eyebrow serums help to nourish lash and brow follicles and enhance their growth to give you the lush lash and bold brow that you always wanted.  Results in 4-6 weeks, with full improvement in 3 months.  

  • Revive sparse Lashes and Brows
  • Longer, Fuller, Curly looking lashes
  • Fuller, Thicker, Bolder brows
  • Clinically Proven Result
  • Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Oil Free

    Our Premium Growth Serums go through rigorous testing and use the blend of best quality ingredients to optimize the results of lashes and brows growth.

    Vitamins– keep lashes strong and healthy

    Biotin & Keratin –help promote healthy lash growth.

    Hyaluronic Acid - penetrates deep to prevent breakage, conditions and hydrates dry, brittle, or damaged lashes.

    Amino Acids – stimulate circulation and promote long lash growth

    Peptides – quickly repair lash follicles, reduce lash falling

    Plants Extract – optimize lash follicle structure and strengthen lashes

      Growth Guarantee

      Simply apply our serum every night.   You’ll start seeing result in as soon as 4 weeks
      with FULL Benefit in 3 months. 

      Because we are so confident in our serum, we offer a Growth Guarantee.

      If you have used our serum continuously for 90 days and haven’t achieve any result,
      we’ll refund your Money Back.

      Lash & Brow Perfect Duo


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Jan farless

      It works, seems to have worked better on my eyebrows they are thicker darker and bald patches are filling in. Eyelashes have had less growth but still can tell a slight difference. Been using about 2 weeks now so will continue use. Would recommend yes

      Eterniti McGee

      As you can read from other reviews, many had excellent results with growth; While I did not see the growth I expected, I saw definite improvement in the health of my brows and lashes. The same products can work differently on individuals. It did a beautiful job of polishing and moisturizing my brows and eyelashes. It's worth a try, and the company wants you to be happy!

      Kimberly Garcia

      This eyelash/brow duo are the bomb! They really work, gentle on the eyelids, and produces results pretty quickly at an amazing price. I'd recommend it to anyone I think it works better than many of the super expensive lash growth serums. Use it once a day, at bedtime, and you'll see how great your lashes/brows look in less than a month!

      Raven Hilfiker

      This product works. And it costs a lot less than some of the comparable upper-end products. Be patient. I saw results in 4 weeks. It will regrow the brows and lashes you had before. It will not make you brows lusher and thicker if that is not the original state. It restores. However, once you stop using it, your brows and lashes will return to their previous poor or sparse condition. But, once you achieve the results you want, you can apply the serum only a couple of times a week to maintain. Works great! I will keep buying this product.

      Amber Wisozk

      I was very skeptical at first since it is much cheaper than other Lash serums I have had my eye on. I have been using the serum on my lashes and brows for six days and I can already tell a difference! My lashes are already fuller! THIS STUFF WORKS!