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Eyelash Growth Serum


Do you want your lashes to look longer, thicker, and curlier without extension and falsies?

LashyBabe high performance eyelash growth serum is what you need to grow your lashes to new length you can never dream of.

- Revive Sparse Lashes

- Longer, Fuller, Healthier Lashes

- Curl Up Naturally

- Clinically Proven Result

- Safe for contacts and lash extension

- 3ml for 3 month supply

      Our Premium Growth Serums go through rigorous testing and use the blend of best quality ingredients to optimize the results of lashes and brows growth.

      Vitamins– keep lashes strong and healthy

      Biotin & Keratin –help promote healthy lash growth.

      Hyaluronic Acid - penetrates deep to prevent breakage, conditions and hydrates dry, brittle, or damaged lashes.

      Amino Acids – stimulate circulation and promote long lash growth

      Peptides – quickly repair lash follicles, reduce lash falling

      Plants Extract – optimize lash follicle structure and strengthen lashes

        Growth Guarantee

        Simply apply our serum every night.   You’ll start seeing result in as soon as 4 weeks
        with FULL Benefit in 3 months. 

        Because we are so confident in our serum, we offer a Growth Guarantee.

        If you have used our serum continuously for 90 days and haven’t achieve any result,
        we’ll refund your Money Back.

        Eyelash Growth Serum


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 557 reviews

        Easy to use !!


        Didn't make my eyelashes grow a lot, but they somewhat grew. They did become a bit darker, though


        So far so good. No stinging and easy to apply- have not used it long enough to note results (just 2 days) but am looking forward to longer thicker lashes

        Chris see

        I've only been using for a few days so i will update once i have more concrete results. However, i love how this product contains natural ingredients and doesn't irritate my eyes even when i accidentally got some serum in them! So far so good

        Lisa Becker

        I was a bit skeptical at first but thought I'd give it a try.. I'm so glad I did, honestly it really works good. Getting a little older, my eyelashes have started falling out a bit and I can see new growth & the eyelashes I do have are definitely getting longer (it took about 3 weeks to notice a difference). The applicator tip is super soft and easy to use and they had really quick shipping. I'll totally buy this again.